Inter-City Baptist Church  

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2017 Family Camp:

Pastor Jacob Elwart - "Discontentment on Display" - Numbers 11
Pastor Jacob Elwart - "Rebellion against Authority" - Numbers 12
Pastor Ben Edwards - "Thoughts on Tolerance and Christianity"
Pastor Jacob Elwart - "Unable God?"- Numbers 13
Pastor Tracy Fressel - "When God's Love Connects a Church" - 1 Thessalonians 3
Pastor Jacob Elwart - "Faithful God" - Numbers 14

2015 Maximum Marriage Seminar:

Pastor Brian Trainer - "General Session 1"
Pastor Brian Trainer - "General Session 2"
Pastor David Doran - "Solve Problems Before Conflict Comes" - notes
Pastor Ben Edwards - "Learning and Practicing Hospitality"
Pastor Kit Johnson - "Habits of a Healthy Marriage" - notes
Pastor Pearson Johnson - "Commitments of a Committed Marriage" - notes

2013 Ladies' Retreat

Marcia Aloisi Book, Books, Books: Resources that Will Help You Grow in Your Spiritual Walk
Charisse Compton Becoming a Gospel-Centered Mom
Amy Johnson Finding Joy in the Practice of Hospitality
Susan Kraatz Forgiveness: the Joining of Love and Wisdom
Debbie Moreno Be Imitators of God, as Dearly Loved Children - Part 1
Debbie Moreno Be Imitators of God, as Dearly Loved Children - Part 2
Debbie Moreno Breaking Free from Anxiety
Kelly Thomas Joy in Trials: Cultivating a Thankful Heart
Faith White - Clutter's Last Stand

2012 Couples' Retreat

Pastor Jim Newcomer - Session 1
Pastor Jim Newcomer - Session 2
Pastor Jim Newcomer - Session 3