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Grace Baptist Mission

Grace Baptist Mission is a ministry of Inter-City Baptist Church which exists to facilitate church planting in the United States and on mission fields of vital interest to our church. GBM currently services workers in the U.S., East/Central Africa, India, and other Creative Access Nations.

The objectives of GBM are fourfold: to serve churches in spreading God's glory through the establishment of indigenous church-planting movements; to provide a ministry that will help likeminded churches send out domestic church planters and foreign missionaries; to provide a service ministry that will help likeminded church planters and missionaries expedite the deputation process and maintain a strong connection to their sending and supporting churches; and to minister to missionaries and churches alike by not charging administrative fees. GBM is funded solely by ICBC, so every support dollar sent is used for the personal support or work of the missionary.

Grace Baptist Mission is guided by the following principles:
  • The Primacy and Autonomy of the Local Church—the local church is responsible for sending out missionaries and for planting churches, not a mission board; therefore, our mission board will not usurp the authority of the sending church. Because GBM is a ministry of a local church, it more readily recognizes the responsibility and authority of sending and supporting churches.
  • The Priority of Church Planting—the goal of the Great Commission is churches planted, not just converts won; therefore, our mission board will only service those involved in planting churches and in developing indigenous church planting movements through pastoral training.
  • Purposeful Cooperation—a shared sense of vision and mission is the key to meaningful cooperation among churches; therefore, our mission board will focus on developing productive partnerships with likeminded churches, church planters, and missionaries.
  • Personal Accountability and Responsibility—open and clear communication is the foundation of effective partnerships, therefore, our mission board will operate within clearly defined ministry partnership agreements which outline the responsibilities of the sending church and the mission board. We also commit to make yearly field visits for accountability and encouragement, and are prepared to go to the field immediately if deemed necessary.
For further information about GBM, please contact:

Grace Baptist Mission
4700 Allen Rd.
Allen Park, MI 48101
(313) 928-5222